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Môuntainimmo: the specialist for your home in France and Austria

Build or renovate with Dutch architectural engineers in France and Austria. Dutch quality but without the French style, the perfect combination.

Are you playing with the idea to build a suitable place a home? A house according to your own taste? Or rather one of our standard homes whose concept has proven itself? Then Môuntainimmo a competent partner. Our Dutch engineers have thorough knowledge and experience that we like to use in the design, construction, and at a later stage the maintenance of your home.

Môuntainimmo has access to an extensive network of (local) professionals. It is fast and convenient. For example, when it comes to the purchase of the land. Or to organize home maintenance. If you wish, we can take a lot of work. Of applying for planning permission to guiding the delivery and arrange the rental stand.

A home can be a good investment. We can make that investment is an important part of your estate and retirement planning. Think of the return of the rental and the stable value of your property. Actually we take you most care of everything. There you will ultimately save time and money with it. And our service gives you no doubt feel comfortable.

Contact us for an interview at our office in France or the Netherlands.

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The seller speaks the following languages: English, Dutch, French
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Properties abroad for sale: 16 results

  • Woning 305.470 Austria Sölden
  • Woning 422.104 Austria Königsleiten
  • Woning 617.605 France Terrasson-Lavilledieu
  • Woning 269.000 Austria Wagrain
  • Woning 887.529 France Coussac-Bonneval
  • Woning 335.462 France Payzac
  • Woning 554.289 France Saint-Bonnet-la-Rivière
  • Woning 348.791 France Brive-la-Gaillarde
  • Woning 638.710 France St Francois Longchamp
  • Woning 305.470 Austria Obergurgl
  • Woning 281.032 France Pierre-Buffière
  • Woning 95.529 France Villac
  • Woning 610.940 France Ussel
  • Woning 758.121 France Brive-la-Gaillarde
  • Woning 990.834 France Payzac
  • Woning 219.938 France Masseret

Projects from this seller: 1 result

  • Woning
    Austria Sölden
    From:$ 305.470