The partnerships of Secondhomeguide


Type Basic Premium Flexible Premium
Properties Maximum 100 100 to 500 500 or more **
Monthly rate * € 15,-  € 25,-  € 50,-
XML  Optional Optional


Project  Optional *** Optional


Top Property
 Optional Optional


Social Media Promotion ****  Included Included



* Partnerships have a minimum contract period of 6 months.
** When offering more than 2.500 properties, an additional fee is applicable.
*** If you place one or more project advertisements without property advertisements, there will be no costs for the Partnership. You only pay for the project advertisement.
**** Promotion at our social media channels is included with a 'Project' or 'Top Property' advertisement.


For other services, additional rates may apply. See below.

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XML Upload - Automatic feed of your properties


We charge € 75,- per year for an XML upload. There are no one-off project costs. The minimum contract period is 1 year.




Secondhomeguide offers you the possibility to place complete (new build) projects. You also have the option to link property advertisements to a project. The rates for project advertisements are as follows:

Projects Price per project
1-3 € 99,-
4-8 € 79,-
8 or more € 49,-




Top Property

If you mark your property as Top Property your advertisement will get extra attention A Top Property advertisement has the following benefits:


For the Top Property option, an additional tariff of € 49,- per month is applicable. The minimum contract period is one month.

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Social Media Promotion

We offer special promotion on social media, such as:


It's always possible to have special arrangements, for example campagnes with sponsored updates on Facebook and Linkedin.

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Social media promotion is included when placing a project or Top Property ad.


At random, Secondhomeguide promotes property and projectadvertisements, seller/projectdeveloper pages or content. This promotion is included for all our customers.


* Secondhomeguide has various Twitter accounts, like: @SecondhomeguideNL @Secondhomeguide @WonenSpanje @Wonen_Frankrijk @WonenBelgie @WonenDuitsland_ @WonenPortugal @WonenOostenrijk @WonenItalie @WonenTurkije @WonenSwiss @WonenGreece @WonenTsjechie @WonenHongarije @WonenZweden

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Link exchange

There are several options to have your link on our website:


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